• Trials need to be paid for at least 24hrs (1 working day) in advance.
  • If you have been offered a trial lesson and have not booked and paid  for the space within 24 hours then it will automatically be given to the next student on the waiting list.
  • Please note that if a trial is not paid for, it is not booked.
  • Missed trials cannot be re-arranged or refunded.

Our reasons: We want your first lesson to be as productive as possible so, whether it is setting up an instrument for you, or finding the right materials to suit your level, we will need time to do this.

Our teachers work hard to fully prepare for your lesson and require enough notice to organise attendance and to make sure that you enjoy the best possible experience.


By enrolling with LMAT, you are entering a contract with LMAT ensuring that you have a regular space for the term and fees for the term must be paid in full for the entirety of the term.

Please make sure you have read our Terms of Service before enrolling as, once we have received your first enrolment payment, you are declaring your acceptance of our Terms of Service.

Payments can be made by;

  • Cash
  • Debit/Credit card in person, over the phone or by web link
  • Childcare Vouchers (as we are Ofsted registered it is also possible to claim back up to 70% of the cost of lessons with us – please contact us for further information)
  • Direct Debit (2 weeks in advance credit) for full terms and conditions of our direct debit service please read the Direct Debit terms of service
  • All payment methods, with the exception of Direct Debit, require an upfront payment in full
  • Students confirm enrolment at the end of a trial, however the space can be held 24hrs after the trial, after which time it will be offered to the next student on the waiting list
  • There are three terms per academic year and each LMAT school follows the local authority school calendar dates
  • Our schools close for half term and school holidays
  • LMAT schools remain open as usual on bank holidays during term time it is expected that students attend lessons scheduled on these days
  • All students must sign in with Reception on arrival before their lesson commences

Our reasons: We require a full term’s payment in advance of the start of any term to ensure students have a full course of lessons and to secure registers for your teachers.

We will hold a space for up to 24hrs after a trial has taken place, to ensure that a new student is happy with their first lesson and teacher before committing to a term.

We are open on bank holidays in term time to make sure all students have the same number of lessons in a course and don’t lose out on any progress.


We can offer discounts to customers who enrol on multiple courses paying for FULL term lesson fees (by cash/card) for siblings, multi-discipline lessons and 1 hour individual classes.

Please note: Discounts are not applicable to groups or customers on our finance programmes such as Childcare Vouchers and Direct Debit.

  • If you decide to leave or not attend your course of lessons before a term finishes please be aware that we cannot offer any refund of tuition fees.
  • If you decide to cancel before your course has started and all fees have been paid in advance, we will refund your fees minus 2 weeks of lessons provided you notify the school in writing at least 7 days before the start of your course.
  • Refunds and credits can only be issued in cases where LMAT or the LMAT teacher is not able to provide a suitable* teacher for a lesson/s.
  • Where LMAT has been informed of an illness or medical condition that prevents the continuation of lessons, a refund will be considered. Please be informed that a Doctor’s note will be required.
  • LMAT will consider circumstances where the student has to permanently relocate (minimum 15 miles from the school) which prevents them from attending lessons with provision of proof.
  • LMAT will consider circumstances where the student’s financial situation has changed with LMAT due to redundancy, proof required.
  • Any refund requests for exceptional circumstances (as stated above) must be made in writing to 

Our reasons: When booking for a term, the Student is entering into a booking contract with LMAT and the LMAT teacher.

*A suitable teacher is one who is appropriately qualified to teach to the level required for a student’s specific needs.

  • Customers are able to cancel their enrollment with LMAT at the end of a school term by giving notice in writing.
  • Customers can then continue to attend any remaining paid lessons before their enrollment term ends.
  • If payment for re enrolment is not received by the end of the term payment window then LMAT will understand that the student does not wish to re enrol and will offer the space to another student.
  • There are no reschedules for lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice or no notice
  • Lesson reschedules are never offered and if requested in advance, cannot be guaranteed
  • If a reschedule is confirmed, the teacher or LMAT reserves the right to cancel the reschedule
  • If a reschedule is confirmed but not attended, even if prior notice is given, please be aware that an alternative space cannot be offered
  • Reschedules are never carried over between terms or between teachers as your booking is fixed for the term
  • Customers must make sure they can commit to every scheduled lesson before paying, as missed lessons cannot be credited, refunded or transferred

Our reasons: The teacher’s time is booked for your scheduled space and any reschedules are solely dependent on other students who have been excused in advance. Finding a convenient rescheduled space for both student and teacher can be time consuming for both the customer and LMAT and can detrimentally impact on our regular level of service.

  • On occasion our teachers may have a performance gig on a teaching day (it is part of their ongoing development as a teacher and musician) and in some instances teachers may be ill and therefore unable to teach. In these circumstances the teachers and LMAT will provide students with a suitable cover teacher to continue lessons for the period needed.
  • LMAT and your teacher have in place systems to ensure detailed hand over notes are given where available and that cover teachers are of the same standard as student’s regular teachers.
  • In the instance that a student is not happy with a lesson taught by a cover teacher, then the student/parent must contact their Head of Department. If it is found that LMAT has made an error then a refund will be issued for the lesson in question.

Please Note: In cases students may prefer their cover teachers.

Our Reasons: Different teachers provide new experiences and new ways of learning. Due to the nature of our interview process, we have an eclectic mix of talented teachers and find that students who experience different teachers often benefit in their learning.

  • In order for students to keep their spaces from term to term, booking payments must be made during the renewal payment window. This window opens approximately 4 weeks before the end of each term and will remain open for 2 weeks.
  • The office sends reminders via email and text each term to all students on our database so, please ensure you keep us updated with any contact detail changes to ensure you receive these reminders.
  • If customers do not secure their spaces before each payment window closes then they risk losing them.
  • If you are a customer on Direct Debit you will automatically be re-enrolled, unless you cancel in writing.

Our Reasons: It is the only way we are able to keep our service running smoothly for all of our students in these busy times.


If you wish to raise a concern that cannot be dealt with by your Head of Department, then you can do so in writing via; 

You will receive a reply within 5 working days during term time.


LMAT schools/LMAT teachers reserve the right to refuse lessons to students who behave in a disruptive way or who do not co-operate with their teacher in the positive learning environment of LMAT schools.


If you feel that you or your child is not progressing as expected, please bring this concern to your Head of Department immediately and we will work to rectify the situation.  Please be aware that expected progress will dramatically slow  if;

  • More than 10% of lessons have been unattended per term
  • Students do not bring in to each class a practice diary containing the last lessons notes
  • Students do not practise as outlined by the teacher in the practice diary
  • A Parent/Student has insisted a higher grade is reached within time to which LMAT and the teacher does not agree to.

We want to ensure that our students get the best learning experience possible so please work with us to make this happen.

  • Students must make sure they can commit to a term before agreeing to do so as changes are difficult to make once a term has started.
  • If a student has signed up and received a secure time slot for the term and then wishes to move, they must contact their Head of Department giving the reasons for this and preferred alternative time/day. The Head of Department will do everything they can to help with the situation. If they are not able to move the lesson successfully then you may need to continue with the original agreed time.
  • If a student wishes to change teacher due to a complaint about the teacher then they need to contact their Head of Department stating the reason. In this circumstance the Head of Department will often offer the choice of either fixing the situation with the teacher in question or moving lessons over to a different teacher.
  • The teacher will determine when the student is ready to take an exam.
  • The student must commit to putting in the practice suggested by the teacher.
  • Students that have been entered into an exam but fail to sufficiently prepare may be pulled out of an exam and if this is the case, fees will not be refunded
  • The exam entry fee must be paid by the deadline set by the LMAT Exams Officer to secure entry. This fee is non refundable (includes £5 admin fee)
  • LMAT will take over all administration involved in the exam entry for you
  • Windwood/strings and some singing exams require accompaniment which we can provide at an extra fee set by the accompanist
  • Exam times/days are assigned by exam boards and are usually during school time. Please be aware that these dates cannot be changed, therefore if the student is unable to attend, the exam fee is lost as is the policy of the examination board
  • Exams may be held at LMAT/Loughton or another venue
  • You may enter your child for an exam yourself at any point if you wish